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Something Republicans SHOULD Be Doing

Posted by redvirginia on December 8, 2008

Kudos to Ben Marchi for doing this!  It’s about time that someone took action in getting those votes recorded–hopefully we can see who is playing dirty in the House.  From today’s Washington Post:

For years, House Republicans leaders have been under pressure from House Democrats to change the rules so that all subcommittee votes are recorded.

Currently, many bills are killed in subcommittees on unrecorded voice votes, which makes it difficult to track a member’s position on controversial legislation.

House GOP leaders have been fending off the push by Democrats, who believe recorded subcommittee votes would make it easier for them to knock off incumbents, to change the rules. But now the GOP leaders are also facing pressure from the right to record subcommittee votes.

Ben Marchi, state director for Americans for Prosperity, an anti-tax group, delivered a petition of more than 300 signatures to House GOP leaders this morning calling on them to record all subcommittee votes. Marchi, who said the signatures were gathered at the recent GOP retreat at The Homestead resort, called it a “transparency issue” so taxpayers know how their money is being spent.

“It is not a partisan issue,” Marchi said. “It’s a good government issue and government operates best when it operates openly.”

3 Responses to “Something Republicans SHOULD Be Doing”

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  2. Pete said

    It’s good to see David standing up to Goliath! go afp!

  3. Something 5th District Conservatives MUST begin preparations for NOW, or face another NY 23. SEE PRESS RELEASE FROM MICHAEL MCPADDEN:

    North Garden, VA 01/04/10 Republican Congressional Candidate – and recently endorsed Liberty Candidate 2010 – Mike McPadden is calling on his fellow conservative candidates to join him in endorsing and supporting a “US House of Representatives VA-5 Conservative Convention” to nominate one conservative to run against Robert Hurt in the June 8th Republican Fifth District Primary.

    Inside the Fifth District the idea of a Conservative Convention is gaining traction. Outside the Fifth District national grass roots organizers have offered to fund the Conservative Fifth District Convention in March or April.

    According to Mike McPadden, what has precipitated this call is that in December, Tea Party Patriots, Grass Root Republicans, and other conservatives spoke loud and clear to have a nominating convention instead of a very costly primary. Unfortunately their hopes were dashed when the leadership of the Fifth District voted by secret ballot for a primary.

    McPadden says, “We must do everything we can to ensure out in the open that our next Congressman is a strict Constitutionalist who upholds the conservative values of lower taxes and limited government.”

    Convinced that uniting in a Conservative Convention will bring about a positive outcome, McPadden states, “The grass roots of the Republican Party will have their voices heard and their votes counted. Second, deliberately narrowing the Fifth District field to two candidates will increase the odds that a conservative will win the nomination. And third, it could turn the tide of moderate leanings from within the Republican Party and restore the ‘Big Tent’ party of Reagan to its conservative moorings.”

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