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Tom Davis Is Not Running

Posted by redvirginia on December 15, 2007

Breaking… Tom Davis is closing down his campaign office. This is coming after he already has 2 primary opponents – so why is he closing down his office? Reports are that he is donating all of his office equipment to Fairfax County Republican Committee and he is leaving the campaign office by the end of the year. This means TOM DAVIS WILL NOT BE SEEKING RE-ELECTION!!!!

More coming….

UPDATE: On top of Dave Foreman’s departure, Christian Deschauar and Chris Espinoza have also left the Davis team. Both Chris’s and Dave were the Annandale District Office staff. This continues to add onto the long list of reasons that Tom Davis is RETIRING.

DEVELOPING… (More to come from Tom Davis Annual Christmas Party)

UPDATE 2: After attending Tom’s Christmas party there is much to report… Tom was not campaigning. In fact, several guests commented to me that it was somber. Tom and Jeannemarie did not work the crowd! The tone of the event screamed DEFEAT. Attendance was very low, perhaps because he forgot to invite people- incredibly, TOM FAILED TO INVITE THE BRADDOCK AND SULLY DISTRICT REPUBLICAN COMMITTEES. .


5 Responses to “Tom Davis Is Not Running”

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  3. It's the Truth said

    Wow, you are a complete moron, and a coward at that. Tom and Jeannemarie talked to everybody at the party, by standing for 3 hours taking pictures with all attendees that queue up. I was at the reception and saw at least 20 braddock and sully district activists – you idiot.

  4. Bruce said

    Tom and JMDD always stand in that line and take pictures for the entire party. They are the first there and the last to leave.

    Also, I say the Braddock Chair and his wife and the Sully Chair there. So not sure how they weren’t invited.

    The Braddock Chair and his wife were talking to one of the Braddock precinct chairs.

    Sounds like this report is way off base.

  5. Anonymous said

    I am on the Braddock committee and I had to call the TD campaign office to get the info on where the party was.

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