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Advance Wrap-Up

Posted by redvirginia on December 3, 2007

So basically they Crystal City Hyatt Regency was no match for the Homestead. The Hyatt was not as relaxing as the Homestead is. Beyond that, several interesting things occurred. First, Chris Saxman announced that he would not be running for the U.S. Senate. Second, the 11th District congressional race is heating up. Third, the straw poll was won by Ron Paul.

For the Senate race in 2008.  Chris Saxman announced that he could not run for Senate because it would cause  him to have to raise money during session which would be un-ethical.  Well, hats off to you Delegate Saxman.  One thing that did disturb me though about Saxman.  He stood up there and said that we must unite behind the nominee and that we need to unify today but then said I will support whomever the nominee may be.  Well, we won’t have a nominee until the end of May.  Did you mean that we should unite in May or unite today?  I am of the oppinion that if we unite today we would be much better off!

The 11th District race is heating up.  Both Keith Fimian and Skip Dale were hosting suites.  I also saw them both at most of the events going on during both days.  Tom Davis was MIA all weekend.  Apparently he withdrew a $20,000 donation to the party and condemned the Advance as a bunch of people trying ot destroy the party.  Well, sounds like the RINO isn’t getting the attention that he thinks he deserves.  Please, look at how you act!  Tom Davis has destroyed the party in the 11th.  It is time for Tom to go!

Ron Paul won the straw poll.  I will admit, I thought that Fred Thompson would win this.  Losing this poll, Thompson should really consider that he does not have the strength in the south that he believes he does.   Also, Ron Paul’s campaign knows what they are doing when they come into these events.  They piss everyone off but at the end of the day they have success.   Lets see what they do in VA over the next couple of months.  I do not expect that he will find too much success though.

One Response to “Advance Wrap-Up”

  1. Unite the Party said

    Yeah Delegate Saxman, what did you mean about uniting the party? If you think that we are going to have any chance it will only be if we unite today behind GILMORE!

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