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House Republicans That Supported Auto Bailout Tonight

Posted by redvirginia on December 10, 2008

Here is a list of those House “GOP” Socialists that supported the auto bailout tonight.  Let their names be posted on every lamp pole across their districts and feel the fear of God for supporting such legislation:

Barton (TX)


Camp (MI)




English (PA)




King (NY)




Lewis (KY)





Miller (MI)

Murphy, Tim




Rogers (MI)

Ryan (WI)

Smith (NJ)



Walsh (NY)

Young (AK)

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Senator Jim DeMint on the Auto Bailouts

Posted by redvirginia on December 10, 2008

From NetRight Nation:

Earlier today we were able to catch up with Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) as he was leaving the press conference where he and several other Senators voiced their opposition to the auto bailouts.  Thank you Senator DeMint for taking time out of your schedule to speak on this issue.  Here are the clips from our conversation:

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Something Republicans SHOULD Be Doing

Posted by redvirginia on December 8, 2008

Kudos to Ben Marchi for doing this!  It’s about time that someone took action in getting those votes recorded–hopefully we can see who is playing dirty in the House.  From today’s Washington Post:

For years, House Republicans leaders have been under pressure from House Democrats to change the rules so that all subcommittee votes are recorded.

Currently, many bills are killed in subcommittees on unrecorded voice votes, which makes it difficult to track a member’s position on controversial legislation.

House GOP leaders have been fending off the push by Democrats, who believe recorded subcommittee votes would make it easier for them to knock off incumbents, to change the rules. But now the GOP leaders are also facing pressure from the right to record subcommittee votes.

Ben Marchi, state director for Americans for Prosperity, an anti-tax group, delivered a petition of more than 300 signatures to House GOP leaders this morning calling on them to record all subcommittee votes. Marchi, who said the signatures were gathered at the recent GOP retreat at The Homestead resort, called it a “transparency issue” so taxpayers know how their money is being spent.

“It is not a partisan issue,” Marchi said. “It’s a good government issue and government operates best when it operates openly.”

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Inflation Lesson… From Duck Tales

Posted by redvirginia on December 8, 2008

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Duncan Has A Comeback Plan?

Posted by redvirginia on December 5, 2008

According to Politico he does.  This sounds more like a “save my job” plan.  The plan that Duncan espouses comes out on the heels of the recent Saxby “Gang of (enter number here)” Chambliss victory in Georgia.  Interestingly, the RNC claims to have gotten its act together following the loss of more seats in the House and Senate and the Presidency earlier in November.  Now, RNC Chairman Mike Duncan comes out and claims success after winning ONE race.  This makes the case to clear out the establishment (and Duncan) all the more stronger.

Duncan has been an unfortunate chairman.  He came in to the top leadership position after serving as a quasi-co-chairman with Senator Mel Martinez.  Once Martinez had resigned, Duncan became head honcho.  Since he has been in charge though, true to his establishment upbringing, he has been a disappointment.  Not only did he sell out the platform that he claims to be at the head of, he helped pioneer some of the worst campaigns in history.

Duncan is an artifact, to say the least, of a time in the GOP that the base is trying to move past.  If Duncan and his ilk are allowed to stay at the helm, don’t expect to much to change.  His politics and his campaign methods have been consistent of the now almost extinct Northeastern Republican mold.  The members of the RNC are at least somewhat awake and will not in all likelihood re-elect Duncan.  But if by some misfortune that Duncan finds himself re-elected, the base will find that nothing will change.

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Government Stinks

Posted by redvirginia on December 5, 2008

From William Warren at NRN:


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The Conservative Pretense?

Posted by redvirginia on December 5, 2008

From Robert Romano at NetRight Nation:

“[W]e have long been living in a mixed economy. Government is growing, but the shift is of degree, not kind. Moreover, there’s no plausible escape from this trajectory. For now, government needs to stimulate the economy, but even after the recession ends, there will still be pressure for more government spending… Conservatives want to deal with this trend toward larger government by pretending we can reverse it, but that is unlikely to happen. Liberals want to celebrate the collapse of ‘free-market ideology,’ but free markets do a lot of jobs better than government. What we should do is embrace growing government but also be ruthless about making government and markets more efficient. [emphasis added]”—Sebastien Mallaby, “Capitalism: The Remix,” The Washington Post, December 4th, 2008.

For those who believe that government may be limited, Big Government and its adherents have a message for you: Keep dreaming.

We’re apparently living in La-la-land. The historical trend and the real truth is that governments only grow, only take more power, only restrict more liberty over time, and those trends are unlikely to abate. The latter is actually true, and for that reason, Mr. Mallaby in his op-ed chalks up limited government to a mere pretense.

And so, he argues for a leaner, more-efficient—and yet growing—government that utilizes free markets in some capacity, probably to keep it funded. But, Mr. Mallaby writes, “[T]o get away with big government, you must have smart government.” Here, Mr. Mallaby pretends—ahem—that socialism is just fine and dandy, it just needs to be managed more wisely.

And why might that be? Because government is intrusive by its very nature? Tends towards overregulation? Tends to overtax? The truth is, the growth of government must be reversed—it is strangling the economy, eliminating the promise of prosperity, and trampling upon individual liberty.

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Big 3 Bailout

Posted by redvirginia on December 4, 2008

From NetRight Nation:


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Katon Dawson for RNC Chair

Posted by redvirginia on November 24, 2008

The next chairman of the RNC should be Katon Dawson, the current chairman of the South Carolina GOP.  There is no better choice than Katon.  Not only is he not part of the hackery that is the RNC, he is the true “outsider”.  He would be a fresh face and a fresh start for the RNC.

Consider.  Dawson has led a great operation in South Carolina.  He has formed a great ground game that led to the state remaining red as well as electing some of the nations greatest leaders including Governor Mark Sanford and Senator Jim DeMint.  Dawson comes from strong conservative roots and he will weed out the filth that has infested the RNC for far too long!  If Republicans want change for the best, then Dawson is the only choice.

Other candidates for the post include Michigan GOP chair Saul Anuzis, former Huckabee campaign manager Chip Saltsman, and GOPAC chair Michael Steele.  Dawson is the best choice and will bring the best results, a more unified party and new blood to the top of the chain.

More from the Palmetto Scoop here.

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Hot Lanes Coming To NOVA

Posted by redvirginia on November 24, 2008

From Amit at Bearing Drift:

Of course I’m referring to the new High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes which VDOT has recently started work on in Northern Virginia along the western side of the 495 Beltway. Essentially the HOT lanes allow folks stuck in traffic to electronically pay via EZ Pass, a toll dynamically set by real-time traffic conditions to drive in the HOV lanes. Personally, I believe such a system is long overdue. I know at Jim Moran’s town hall meeting on transportation a few months ago there were concerns from my neighbors, the fake Virginia, that HOT lanes would only serve the wealthy. While it is true that generally those with more disposable income will tend to use the HOT lanes more often, I believe it is a benefit to all the cars on the road. By reducing traffic on the regular lanes, the speed of traffic will increase. Also, the “rich” will subsidize the infrastructure used by everyone. And I’m pretty sure if someone was in an emergency (i.e. need to pick up a child from daycare, hot date) the driver wouldn’t mind paying a buck or two to expedite their trip.

My biggest fear however is that if the revenue for the HOT lanes are not strictly reinvested into public transit, roads, and other transportation related expenses, then the state will increase the fees disproportionately to the value it provides the citizens. To a lesser degree, there is also the concern of how more roads leads to more sprawl but I think recent history has shown flexible work weeks and telecommuting are ways to fight sprawl and in the future we may be able to add the Dulles Metrorail Extension.

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The Obama Decoder Series

Posted by redvirginia on November 21, 2008

At NetRight Nation a new series has started where the official “Obama Decoder” will offer his analysis on the actions of our next president.  Here is the first part of that series:

From Keya Dash at NRN:


By Keya Dash

As my own official Obama Decoder, I wish to translate something for you.  On the subject of how we were duped on “change” and how the con-artist has brought in all the fossils from the Clinton and Carter years, the real reason he is bringing these ancient artifacts in is as follows.

We would all concur that Obama is still unqualified for the presidency based on his past work history–which is practically nonexistent. He has no resume. I wouldn’t hire him to prune my hedges with the slim and transient work history he has.

So why does he need to get fossils from the Clinton and Carter years to serve? He just simply doesn’t know anyone. OBAMA HAS NO TEAM. Face it, he obviously realizes you don’t rub elbows with too many qualified people working as a “community organizer” and, in this sense, we can argue that he is technically admitting he is unqualified, too. After all, he came from the same place from whence he won’t pick people to serve BELOW him in the executive branch.

Why doesn’t Obama use people from his community organizing days? Is he afraid they won’t pass muster before a democratic senate as qualified individuals? Is he ashamed of where he came from?

Keya Dash is a member of the NetRight Nation writers group and is the official Obama Decoder.

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RPV And New Media

Posted by redvirginia on November 21, 2008

From Jason Kenney at Bearing Drift:

A handful of individuals have taken it upon themselves to hijack new media from the Republican Party, allowing them to misrepresent the Virginia blogosphere, and now are positioning themselves as the heralds that will guide Virginia’s Republican activists through the wilds of the Internet and to the great beyond.

New Media is all the rage these days, especially in political circles.  For years Democrats have had an advantage over Republicans in netroots activism, turning their efforts in blogging and fundraising into electoral victories.  Yet the Republicans continue to lag, even after seeing where the Democrats have succeeded.  This has not come from a lack of effort on the part of Republican activists online.

Here in Virginia we have two Republican blog circles: The Old Dominion Blog Alliance and The Jeffersoniad.  Each of these groups are full of people of varying degrees of experience in politics and beyond.  All of them care about the party and its direction, have fought for years online and off for its success and future.  These bloggers represent the New Media contingent of the Republican Party in Virginia, yet efforts on the part of the Republican Party to reach out to these activists have been less than impressive.

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